About Puppetworld Post

You are probably reading this because you couldn’t find the answers to your suspicions in the other media.
What can I say? The world is a plutarchy–rule by a few ultra-ultra-wealthy. It’s never been anywhere near this bad. By owning the media, the Rothschilds (and their associates) dispense what becomes our reality. They effectively write our history. And, undoubtedly, they have a detailed plan on where they are taking us over the next century.
Even if journalists were allowed to write critiques of the Rothschilds, reveal the faces behind the nebulous international monetary web of federal, central banks and public-policy institutions–it would not happen: journalists don’t have the time (nor did they ever) to do the research required to connect the dots. Budget cuts to newspapers have taken this to extremes: now “journalists” merely reprint wire-service articles from Reuters, AP, etc (all owned by Rothschild (or associates).
Puppetworld Post is an attempt to do the research and present the evidence in a straight-forward and, hopefully, readable style.
Most of all, I would like Puppetworld Post to be a forum where others who have information about who is really behind the big issues will contribute facts–a website where leaks will be published.
And ultimately a call to action.
We have even greater obstacles than the Rothschilds web of control: ignorance and apathy.