DEMOCRACY PRIVATIZED! Occupy Wall Street Will Expose That The 1% Have Occupied Our Governments

Democracy Is A Sham   It takes millions of dollars to get elected as president. Through campaign donations, the wealthy elites play the elections like a game of poker.  In the 2008 US election, McCain was financed by the senior (Lord!) Jacob Rothschild.   Senator Joe Lieberman took him to a fundraiser at Jacob Rothschild’s house in London.   Hilary was bankrolled by  Lynn  Forester de Rothschild (who later shifted her bet to McCain also).   And most deceptively, Obama was backed by George Soros.  Soros has a close historical relationship with the Rothschilds—his long-time investing buddy was James Goldsmith, a close cousin to the Rothschilds (their families lived as neighbors for centuries).

The 2012 election will be decided by whom THEY choose to finance with their millions.
Obama at fund-raiser at Steven and Judy Gluckstern’s home, April 9, 2007. George Soros is seated to the right of the stairs.

Politicians become their puppets (wittingly or unwittingly).  After Obama was elected, many of the people he chose for key positions were people who had helped cause the collapse of the world economy or other international problems.    To ensure the narrow interests of the ultra-rich are enshrined in legislation, they employ hordes of lobbyists to stalk politicians.  Everyone knows this, but no one does anything about it.  Most people accept it as an inevitable part of democracy and they are distracted by the emotions of the endless partisan puppet show—the two-party façade that produces the illusion of democracy.

With the automation of industry and services, productivity has increased exponentially, but the new wealth has gone to the 1%.   They have not shared with the rest of us.  They are able to do this because they control the economy, the politicians and the media.

More money in the pockets of the middle class would mean more consumer activity and a big boost for the economy.  The game of the ultra-rich is to use the accelerating Chinese and Indian consumer markets rather than the already exploited, North American market.

Financial Control

In a similar way, for decades the people of the world were unaware that their government finances had been privatized.

Someone actually has to create money out of thin air and circulate it for people to use. Historically, the creation of money and the control of domestic economies was the domain of sovereign governments  who simply created money as an asset.  They didn’t need to borrow the money and pay interest on it.   This was subject to natural controls:  if any government created too much money, it would lead to inflation and the devaluation of their currency with respect to other currencies undermining their foreign trade.

But in the USA in 1913, a group of international bankers got a bill passed on Christmas Eve when most congressmen were at home. The bill ceded the ability of the government to create its own currency and to regulate its own economy to a cartel of domestic and international bankers who were closely associated with the Rothschilds.  The Federal Reserve was created as a privately owned bank. The US government bank had been privatized.  This was nothing less than an economic coup.

Since then the privately-owned Federal Reserve has controlled the economy of the US and issued its own currency (Federal Reserve Notes).   These notes are issued as debt to the US government.   In order to pay these debts, it was necessary for the US government to introduce income tax.   Before this the infrastructure of the US (railroads, highways,  bridges, etc) and the waging of wars had been paid for by trade tariffs the government collected.

The core of the international web of bankers (and their puppets) that control the economies of the world are the Rothschilds whose descendents now occupy many European countries.  The Rothschild’s  nexus of control is The City of London.

Privatized federal banks are called central banks.  Presently,  all countries of the world have relinquished control of their economic destinies to privatized central banks except for Iran, Syria, North Korea, and Cuba.  These countries presently suffer under US sanctions.

Recent History of the Privatizing of Government Banks

In 1990, only 8 countries in the world did not have privatized central banks.  In the 1990s, the US produced a list of countries they labeled as “rogue states”. Compare these two lists:

No  Central Bank in 1990 Iraq    Afghanistan Libya Yugoslavia Iran Cuba North Korea Syria
Rogue States (US, 1990s) Iraq Afghanistan Libya Yugoslavia Iran Cuba North Korea Syria
Central Bank by 2011? Yes, in 2004, US invasion Yes, in 2002, US  invasion Yes, Mar 19, 2011, NATO (US) air invasion Yes, NATO (US)  invasion No No No No
The central banks of the world control the issuing of money as debt to the citizens of the world, they control the interest rates at which the debt will be repaid, they control the interest rates for borrowing all money from them, so they now control the whole economy.  And they also control our(?) politicians.

We don’t live in a democracy—we live in a plutocracy (rule by the ultra-rich).   Until the 99% do something about it, the plutocracy will thrive and the interests of the average people will be eroded, neglected.  The people’s history books of the future (if they are not written by the plutocracy) will record these times as dark ages of economic serfdom.   This will be the legacy YOU leave your children.


Regaining Control Of Our Destiny

Their system of economic control is so ubiquitous . . . it is presented to us as the inevitable consequence of modernization and uncontrollable economic forces (i.e. globalization).  But this is not true . . .economic forces are the way they are by human design.  Bytheir design.

Follow the money.    Get the money out!    Get the money out of institutions of economic control and out of the political system.  Key goals should be to:

1)      Nationalize the Federal Reserve (and other privately-owned central banks in other countries)

2)      End campaign finance by the rich

3)      End lobbying by the rich

Their plutocratic network is so pervasive that half-measures are doomed to be assimilated.   . . . then, in time, undermined and eventually defeated.

It remains to be seen if non-violent methods can dislodge these parasites.  Be forewarned:  those behind the world’s plutocracy are arrogant with entitlement and will stop at nothing to maintain their power over us.  Nothing.

Yet, we have the power.  People can refuse to cooperate with an unfair economic system.  We can shut down the whole system, bring it to a halt.   Anonymous (hacktivists) can shut down their Internet activity–take down their websites.  WE have the power.

If we can only educate ourselves and see through the distracting puppet show to see the strings attached by the puppet masters–that is the biggest challenge.